The 2 references without contexts in paper S. Lazareva P., M. Volkova A., N. Mudrak S., I. Chvala A., T. Zhbanova V., С. Лазарева П., М. Волкова А., Н. Мудрак С., И. Чвала А., Т. Жбанова В. (2018) “Разработка иммуноферментной тест-системы для определения антител к вирусу лейкоза птиц // Development of the immunoenzyme test system for detection of antibodies against avian leukosis virus” / spz:neicon:veterinary:y:2016:i:4:p:19-28

3216 Positive control serum to ALV3200±03200±0800±0 Normal chicken blood serum (negative control)<100<100<100 * antibody titre – reciprocal value of the serum dilution Table 2 Measuring Optical Density in Negative (NСх) and Positive Controls (PCx) Values NСxPCxPCx- NСx Mean 0.1150.5750.467 Standard deviation0.0170.0770.073
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confidence range 0.110–0.1190.555–0.5950.448–0.486 Minimum 0.090.3990.285 Maximum 0.1800.7100.611 Based on the regression analysis the highest correlation coefficient out of the three 0.96507, 0.94705 and 0.97583
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