The 1 linked reference in paper N. Zinyakov G., Ye. Ovchinnikova V., S. Lazareva P., A. Kozlov A., I. Chvalas A. (2018) “IMPLEMENTATION OF 454 LIFE SCIENCES TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY PRACTICES” / spz:neicon:veterinary:y:2015:i:1:p:40-44

  1. Sequencing viral genomes from a single isolated plaque / J. DePew, B. Zhou, J. M. McCorrison [et al.] // J. Virol. — 2013. — Vol. 10 (181). — doi: 10.1186/1743-422X10-181. among studied proteins (genes of proteins fiber-1, fiber-2, penton, DNA-polymerase). During analysis of obtained data for a genome region containing repeated genetic motifs discrepancies in obtained results were detected. In particular, in case of mapping to a reference sequence in primary nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequence different single substitutions were detected. Also no 60 b.p. insertion was observed. (Fig. 2). Evidently, these discrepancies are conditioned by another algorithm of data processing used by GS Reference Mapper software. It should be noted that visualization of obtained