The 1 reference with contexts in paper V. Zakharov M., A. Kononov V., V. Mischenko A. (2018) “Cases of detection of serotype 14 bluetongue vaccine-like virus in the RF and European countries in 2011-2012” / spz:neicon:veterinary:y:2015:i:1:p:20-25

Kolbasov D. V. Animal transmissible diseases // Zhivotnovodstvo Rossii. — 2013. — No 10. — P. 41–42.
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    At the same time VNIIVViM researchers consider the detection in 2011–2012 of 14 serotype virus circulation among animals in the Kaluga, Smolensk Oblasts and neighboring regions as an evidence of bluetongue stationary affected areas
    . CONCLUSION We are of the opinion that the fact of specific antibody detection in the course of monitoring investigations for bluetongue is not an evidence of animal affection with bluetongue. It is necessary to carry out an additional epidemiological investigation in order to establish the origin of these antibodies, nevertheless, while carrying out mass screening investigations researchers