The 1 reference with contexts in paper A. Chepurnaya I., R. Chvalun V., E. Grudeva A. (2017) “COOPERATIVE LEARNING OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES: HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE” / spz:neicon:stavapk:362

Polat, E. S. Education in cooperation // Foreign languages at school. 2000. No 1. P. 4-11.
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    At the same time the teacher is required to differentiate tasks for strong and weak students in complexity and volume. Each student is evaluated individually, and his mark will not affect the results of the group
    (Polat, 2000,
    p. 8). The organization of the team game tournament activity is as in the previous case, the teacher explains the new material, organizing group work for the formation of orientation, but instead of the individual testing offers each week to hold tournaments between the teams.