The 1 reference with contexts in paper M. Zaharia, A. Bălăcescu (2017) “EVOLUTIONS OF FOREIGN TOURISTS’ OVERNIGHT STAYS IN ROMANIA. AN ECONOMETRIC APPROACH” / spz:neicon:stavapk:358

Pascariu, G.C., Ţigănaşu, R. Tourism and sustainable regional development in Romania and France: an approach from the perspective of new economic geography // Amfi teatru Economic. 2014. No 16 (8). PP. 1088-1109
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    development needs to be analyzed in terms of three functions: a function of impact (economic, social, environmental), a function of stability and a function of convergence - combined into a matrix model because tourism also needs other industries, because this branch cannot develop in isolation from other components of the economy of any destinations
    (Pascariu, Ţigănaşu, 2014).
    The tourism may become an important component of economy capable of important mutations in the territorial profi le, determining a social-economic growth of some poor regions. A good project of lasting development, included in a program of regional development, supposes investments less expensive if the integration is harmoniously organized.