The 1 reference with contexts in paper B. Kuzman, M. Jeločnik, J. Subić (2017) “POSSIBILITIES FOR RECREATIONAL FISHING TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN PROTECTED ZONES OF NPFG1” / spz:neicon:stavapk:345

Kuzman B., Kovačević M. Perspectives for development of rural tourism in Republic Serbia // International scientifi c meeting of IAE (Belgrade, June 2014). 2014. P. 138–154.
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    Offer in rural tourism does not cover just visible nature, specifi city of architecture, folklore and gastronomy, but also intangible things as are hospitability, customs, culture in relation to nature, communication, beliefs and legends of local population
    (Kuzman, Kovačević, 2014).
    Fishing as touristic product has many specifi cities. Usually it’s a part of rural tourism, as it leans to certain agro activities and natural recourses. Certainly, according to Bauer and Herr (2004), not all fi shing falls under tourism, but many of them involves following elements of tourism: travelling to/from particular destination; presence of a tourism service industry (outfi