The 1 reference context in paper Ivan Gladkov A., Viktoria Nehotina S., Иван Гладков Александрович, Виктория Нехотина Сергеевна (2015) “КОМПЛЕКСНЫЙ ПОДХОД К ВЫБОРУ МЕТОДОВ ОЦЕНИBАНИЯ ИТ-ПРОЕКТОВ // AN INTEGRATED APPROACH TO THE CHOICE OF METHODS OF EVALUATION OF IT PROJECTS” / spz:neicon:statecon:y:2015:i:5:p:159-163

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    This approach allows increasing on the one hand reliability of the obtained data, and with another - to minimize expenses of resources for estimation due to stageby-stage control of level of satisfaction of the person making the decision (PMD) with results of estimation. The existing methods of estimation of projects
    allow executing in a varying degree calculation of the main indicators forming a basis for support of adoption of reasonable decisions at introduction of IT projects, however traditional approaches to their choice are based on intuitive estimates of experts.
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