The 2 references without contexts in paper , статья Редакционная (2014) “Клинические рекомендации по диагностике и лечению бронхоспазма, вызванного физической нагрузкой // Clinical guidelines on diagnosis and treatment of exercise!induced bronchoconstriction” / spz:neicon:pulmonology:y:2013:i:4:p:13-28

Godfrey S., Springer C., Bar3Yishay E., Avital A.Cut-off points defining normal and asthmatic bronchial reactivity to exercise and inhalation challenges in children and young adults. Eur. Respir. J. 1999; 14: 659–668.
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Rundell K.W., Spiering B.A., Baumann J.M., Evans T.M. Montelukast has no ergogenic effect on cycle ergometry in cold temperature. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 2004; 36: 1847–1851. Поступила 12.08.13
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