The 1 reference without contexts in paper Thanaa Shehab, Танаа Шехаб (2016) “ВЛИЯНИЕ СПОСОБОВ ПРИГОТОВЛЕНИЯ НА АМИНОКИСЛОТНЫЙ СОСТАВ МЯСА ПТИЦЫ // EFFECT OF COOKING METHODS ON AMINO ACIDS COMPOSITION OF CHICKEN MEAT” / spz:neicon:meat:y:2016:i:4:p:11-18

Abd El-Baki, M.M.; Taha, R.A.; El-Zayet, F.M.M.; El-Dashlouty, A.A. and Fouda; Z.M.A. (1983). Influence of some pre-freezing treatments on the chemical and physical properties of chicken meat. Proc. 29th Euro. Meeting of meat Res. Workers, Parma, 464.
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