The 1 reference without contexts in paper Olga Naumenko N., Evgeny Naumenko A., Ольга Науменко Николаевна, Евгений Науменко Александрович (2016) “Использование книги как средства воспитательного воздействия на заключенных в пенитенциарной системе Западной Сибири (вторая половина ХIХ - начало ХХ в.) // Book as a Cure of the Condemned: From the History of Penitentiary System of Western Siberia (second half of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century)” / spz:neicon:bibliotekovedenie:y:2016:i:2:p:171-176

h century) Historical experience of education by the means of books, known as culture of reading, started being weakened in “the age of Internet”. Novelty of the article is in the described process of impact of the book on criminals in the territory of Western Siberia considered through the cultural, historical and psychological aspects. With the use of previously unknown archival materials there are revealed the cure methods of the
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