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  1. Natalya Kravchuk , Наталья Кравчук (2015) “Право ребенка выразить свои взгляды в контексте русской культуры и демократии // The child’s right to express his / her views in the context of Russian culture and democracy” / spz:neicon:russianlaw:y:2014:i:3:p:23-48
  2. Elena Gerasimova, (2017) “Collective Labor Disputes and Strikes in Russia: The Impact of Judicial Precedents and Enforcement” / spz:neicon:russianlaw:y:2017:i:2:p:5-32
  3. Sandra Gagro Fabijanić (2018) “Protection of “Exclusive” Groups Only – An Essential Element of Genocide” / spz:neicon:russianlaw:y:2018:i:3:p:100-124