The 10 records in series RePEc:wbk:wbpubs for which Cirtec has items pdf_warcs does not have a PDF file in the web archive..

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  3. Hana Polackova Brixi, Allen Schick () “Government at Risk : Contingent Liabilities and Fiscal Risk” / RePEc:wbk:wbpubs:15233
  4. Giuseppe Iarossi () “An Assessment of the Investment Climate in Kenya” / RePEc:wbk:wbpubs:2603
  5. Barry Eichengreen () “The Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth” / RePEc:wbk:wbpubs:28013
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  7. Silvana Tordo () “Fiscal Systems for Hydrocarbons : Design Issues” / RePEc:wbk:wbpubs:6746
  8. Ian Goldin, Kenneth Reinert () “Globalization for Development : Trade, Finance, Aid, Migration, and Policy” / RePEc:wbk:wbpubs:6996
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