The 13 records in series RePEc:nos:evgqfc.

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  2. Voit Sergey, Alimov Dmitriy () “Selection of horizon for forecasting innovative development of industrial enterprise” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:10
  3. Kabai Viktoriia () “Determination of motivation growth of labor migration: evolution, modern content” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:11
  4. Vinokhodova Svetlana () “Financial services for enterprises: analysis of logistic nature and customer value attributes” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:12
  5. Zakharchenko Lolita, Hazrat Mohammad () “Research of the preconditions of forming a digital strategy of the enterprise to ensure its competitiveness” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:13
  6. Kulikov Petro, Mykytas Maxim, Terenchuk Svitlana, Chupryna Yurii () “Development of a methodology for creating adaptive energy efficiency clusters of the architecture and construction industry” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:2
  7. Shatokhina Yuliia, Khovaylo Irina () “Determination of the directions of improving the organizational structure on the example of the acting village council” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:3
  8. Babenko Vitalina, Perepelytsia Anna () “Research of the informatization process development of the countries of the world” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:4
  9. Omelyanenko Vitaliy () “Analisys of global aspect of formation of institutional innovative strategies” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:5
  10. Sklyarenko Yaroslava () “Analysis of the place of Ukraine in the European tourist space” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:6
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  13. Byelozertsev Vasyl’, Prokhvatylo Olha () “Research of problem aspects in the accounting of settlements with the internet shop buyers” / RePEc:nos:evgqfc:9