The 1 reference without contexts in paper Richard Sperling, Christopher F. Baum (2001) “Multivariate portmanteau (Q) test for white noise” / RePEc:tsj:stbull:y:2001:v:10:i:60:sts19

Imported binary weights matrix W _cons59.89322 5.883702 10.18 0.000 48.36137 71.42506 5.1.11.. trimspecifies that whether string values are missing is to be determined after trimming leading and trailing spaces. For example, . dropmiss, obs any choices over handling of string values which include spaces or which may be too long for some purpose. Thequoted,notrim, Moran (1970) and Chant (1974), with Self and Liang (1987) giving more general and rigorous consideration. Miller (1977) also requires that the spatial weights matrix specifie
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