The 3 references without contexts in paper Nicholas J. Cox, Christopher F. Baum (2000) “Metadata for user-written contributions to the Stata programming language: extensions” / RePEc:tsj:stbull:y:2000:v:9:i:54:ip29.1

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Paul, S. R. and T. Banerjee. 1998. Analysis of two-way layout of count data involving multiple counts per cell.Journal of the American Statistical -----------------------------------------------------------------------------_cons|-2.6085271.449736-1.7990.072-5.449958.2329043 111285A -----------------+----------------------------------W-= X(-)Z --------------------------------------------------------the option may be specified with Windows or Macintosh. down the list.STBmaterials are listed first and non-STBmaterials are listed after that. When you usewebseek, it creates file wseek
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Baum, C. F. and N. J. Cox. 1999. ip29: Metadata for user-written contributions to the Stata programming language.Stata Technical Bulletin52: 10–12. outbrk#week#year has been fixed. Second, the program
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