The 1 reference context in paper Nicholas J. Cox, Christopher F. Baum () “Metadata for user-written contributions to the Stata programming language: extensions” / RePEc:tsj:stbull:y:2000:v:9:i:54:ip29.1

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    Output may be configured in several ways to suit central or distributed randomization, and to facilitate the pharmacy preparing blocks of treatments. Keywords:Experimental design, randomized controlled trials, randomization, blocking. Introduction I have again updated the programralloc, first described in
    Ryan (1998)
    and updated in Ryan (1999). The full syntax is rallocBlockIdvar BlockSizevar Treatmentvar,saving(filename) -\b multifjnomultif seed(#) nsubj(#)ntreat(2j3j4)ratio(1j2j3)osize(1j2j3j4j5j6j7)init(#) \b equaljnoequal strata(#)using(filename)countv(varname) \b tablesjnotables trtlab(label1 label2::: ) matsiz(#)fratio(11j21j12j22)factor(2*2j2*3j3*2j3*3j2*4j4*2j3*4j4*3) xover( \b standjswitchjex
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