The 1 reference with contexts in paper Christopher F. Baum (2003) “A review of Stata 8.1 and its time series capabilities” / RePEc:boc:bocoec:581

Baum, Christopher F., Mark E. Schaffer, and Steven Stillman, 2003. Instrumental variables and GMM: Estimation and testing.Stata Journal, 3, 1–31.
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    Package authors who submit their materials to the SSC Archive may use the Archive to disseminate their packages from a single source, accessible from within any copy of Stata with internet access via thessccommand.2For instance, if users find that theivreg2command
    (Baum et al., 2003)
    would be a useful tool for their research, they may issue the commandssc describe ivreg2to learn more about the command, read the help file, etc., and the commandssc install 2Stata also supports proxy servers for those users with corporate firewalls. ivreg2to download and install the package.