The 1 reference with contexts in paper B. Kuzman, M. Stegić, M. Jeločnik (2017) “IMPACT OF THE FOREIGN TRADE OF AGRO-INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS BETWEEN SERBIA AND RUSSIAN FEDERATION” / spz:neicon:stavapk:346

Simić J. Ekonomski aspekti strateškog partnerstva Srbije i Rusije. 2014. Belgrade (Serbia) : Novi vek. No 6.
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    depend on, primarily on realistic and rational understanding of interests of both countries, as well as according to their objective possibilities in political, economic and military terms» (Vereš, 2000). Mutual trade between Serbia and Russia during the nineties of XX century was drastically decreased, from 2,3 billion USA$ in 1990 to only 284 million USA$ in 1999
    (Simić, 2014).
    In August 2000, Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Government of the Russian Federation were signed the Agreement on Free Trade. Its main goal was to improve mutual trade.