The 5 records in series RePEc:tsj:spbook for which Cirtec has items pdf_warcs does not have a PDF file in the web archive..

  1. Christopher F Baum (2006) “An Introduction to Modern Econometrics using Stata” / RePEc:tsj:spbook:imeus
  2. Christopher F Baum (2015) “An Introduction to Stata Programming, Second Edition” / RePEc:tsj:spbook:isp
  3. Sophia Rabe-Hesketh, Anders Skrondal () “Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata, 3rd Edition” / RePEc:tsj:spbook:mimus2
  4. William W. Gould, Jeffrey Pitblado, Brian Poi () “Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Stata” / RePEc:tsj:spbook:ml4
  5. Mario Cleves, William W. Gould, Roberto G. Gutierrez, Yulia Marchenko () “An Introduction to Survival Analysis Using Stata” / RePEc:tsj:spbook:saus3